Death Screams a/k/a House of Death (1982)

One Sheet:

1_Death Screams (One Sheet) 1982

VHS Front Cover (Virgin Vision):

2_House of Death (VHS Cover_Front_Virgin Vision) 1982

VHS Back Cover (Virgin Vision):

3_House of Death (VHS Cover_Back_Virgin Vision) 1982

VHS Front Cover (Video Gems):

4_House of Death (VHS Cover_Front_Video Gems) 1982

VHS Back Cover (Video Gems):

5_House of Death (VHS Cover_Back_Video Gems) 1982

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of House of Death at 3B Theater.

Death Screams / House of Death (1982) ABA Productions :: United Film Distribution Company / P: Ernest Bouskos, Charles Ison / D: David Nelson / W: Paul C. Elliott / C: Darrell Cathcart / E: Jerry Whittington / M: Dee Barton / S: Susan Kiger, Martin Tucker, William T. Hicks, Jennifer Chase, Jody Kay, John Kohler

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