Evil Laugh (1986)

Theatrical One Sheet:

1_Evil Laugh (One Sheet) 1986

Home Video Trade Ad:

2_Evil Laugh (Home Video Trade Ad) 1986

VHS Cover (Front):

3_Evil Laugh (VHS Cover Front) 1986

VHS Cover (Back):

4_Evil Laugh (VHS Cover Front) 1986

DVD Cover:

Evil Laugh (DVD Cover) 1986

Other Points of Interest:

Film review of Evil Laugh at 3B Theater.

Evil Laugh (1986) Baio-Brascia-Venokur Productions :: Wildfire Productions :: Cinevest Entertainment Group / EP: Arthur Schweitzer, Krishna Shah / P: Johnny Venocur, Steven Baio, Dominick Brascia / D: Dominick Brascia / W: Steven Baio, Dominick Brascia / C: Stephen Sealy / E: Brion McIntosh, Michael Scott / M: David Shapiro / S: Ashlyn Gere, Steven Baio, Tony Griffin, Jody Gibson, Jerold Pearson, Susan Grant

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