Girls Nite Out (1982)

One Sheet:

1_Girls Nite Out (One Sheet) 1982

Trade Ad:

2_Girls Nite Out (Trade Ad) 1982

VHS Cover (Front):

3_Girls Nite Out (VHS Cover_Front) 1982


4_Girls Nite Out (VHS Cover_Back) 1982

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Girls Nite Out at 3B Theater.

Girls Nite Out (1982) Concepts Unlimited :: Independent-International Pictures / EP: Richard Barclay, Kevin Kurgis / P: Anthony N. Gurvis / AP: Arthur Ginsberg / D: Robert Deubel / W: Gil Spencer Jr., Kevin Kurgis, Joe Bolster, Anthony N. Gurvis / C: Joe Rivers / E: Arthur Ginsberg / S: Julia Montgomery, James Carroll, Suzanne Barnes, Lauren-Marie Taylor, David Holbrook, Rutanya Alda, Hal Hoolbrook

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