Hot-Rod Girl (1956)

One Sheet:

1_Hot Rod Girl (One Sheet) 1956

Three Sheet:

Combo Six Sheet (Pressbook):

3_Hot-Rod Girl (Combo Six Sheet) 1956


4_Hot Rod Girl (Insert) 1956

Half Sheet:

5_Hot Rod Girl (Half Sheet) 1956

Combo Window Card:

6_Hot-Rod Girl (Window Card) 1956

Lobby Card:

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_1) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_2) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_3) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_4) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_5) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_6) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_7) 1956

Hot Rod Girl (Lobby Card_8) 1956

Production Stills:

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_1

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_3x

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_4

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_5

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_6

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_7

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_8

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_9x

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_10x

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_12

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_13

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_15x

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_16

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_18

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_19

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_24

Hot Rod Girl (Still) 1956_149


Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Hot-Rod Girl at 3B Theater.

Newspaper ads for Hot-Rod Girl at the Morgue.

Hot-Rod Girl (1956) Nacirema Productions :: American International / EP: David T. Yokozeki / P: Norman T. Herman / AP: Byron Roberts / D: Leslie H. Martinson / W: John McGreevey / C: Sam Leavitt / E: Leon Barsha / M: Alexander Courage / S: Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, John Smith, Frank Gorshin, Roxanne Arlen, Eddie Ryder, Carolyn Kearney


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