Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Theatrical One Sheet:
1_Sleepaway Camp (One Sheet) 1983

VHS Box Art (Front):

1_Sleepaway Camp (VHS Box Art) 1983

VHS Box Art (Back):

Sleepaway Camp (VHS Box Art Back) 1983

Other Points of Interest:

Full review of Sleepaway Camp at 3B Theater.

Sleepaway Camp (1983) American Eagle :: United Film Distribution Company (UFDC) / EP: Robert Hiltzik / P: Jerry Silva, Michele Tatosian / D: Robert Hiltzik / W: Robert Hiltzik / C: Benjamin Davis / E: Ron Kalish, Sharyn L. Ross / M: Edward Bilous / S: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Karen Fields, Christopher Collet, Katherine Kamhi, Desiree Gould, Mike Kellin

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