Target Earth (1954)

One Sheet:

1_Target Earth (One Sheet) 1954

Three Sheet:

2_Target Earth Three Sheet) 1954

Six Sheet:

3_Target Earth (Six Sheet) 1954


4_Target Earth (Insert) 1954

Half Sheet (Style A):

5_Target Earth (Half Sheet A) 1954

Half Sheet (Style B):

6_Target Earth (Half Sheet B) 1954


7_Target Earth (Production Banner) 1954

Lobby Cards:

Target Earth (Lobby Card 1) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 2) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 3) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 4) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 5) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 6) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 7) 1954

Target Earth (Lobby Card 8) 1954

Production Stills:

Target Earth (Production Still_12) 1954

Target Earth (Production Still_32) 1954

Target Earth (Production Still_41) 1954

Target Earth (Production Still_52) 1954

Target Earth (Production Still_56) 1954

Production Photos:

Target Earth (Production Photo_1) 1954

Target Earth (Production Photo_2) 1954

Target Earth (Production Photo_3) 1954

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Target Earth 3B Theater.

Target Earth (1954) Abtcon Pictures :: Herman Cohen Productions :: Allied Artists / P: Herman Cohen / D: Sherman A. Rose / W: William Raynor, James H. Nicholson, Wyott Ordung, Paul W. Fairman (Short Story) / C: Guy Roe / E: Sherman A. Rose / S: Richard Denning, Kathleen Crowley, Virginia Grey, Richard Reeves, Whit Bissell

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