The Black Six (1973)

One Sheet:

The Black Six (One Sheet) 1974

Lobby Cards:

The Black Six (Lobby Card_1) 1974

The Black Six (Lobby Card_2) 1974

The Black Six (Lobby Card_3) 1974

The Black Six (Lobby Card_4) 1974

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of The Black Six at 3B Theater.

The Black Six (1973) Cinemation Industries / P: Matt Cimber / AP: Michael Blowitz, Rafer Johnson / D: Matt Cimber / W: Matt Cimber, George Theakos / C: William Swenning / E: Robert Carlson / M: David Moscoe / S: Gene Washington, Rosalind Miles, Carl Eller, Lem Barney, Mercury Morris, Joe Greene, Willie Lanier, Ben Davidson

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