Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957)

One Sheet:

1_Viking Women (One Sheet) 1957


2_Viking Women (30x40) 1957

Three Sheet:

3_Viking Women (Three Sheet) 1957


4_Viking Women (Insert) 1957

Half Sheet:

5_Viking Women (Half Sheet) 1957


6_Viking Women (Banner) 1957

Combo Window Card:

7_Viking Women (Combo Lobby Card) 1957

Lobby Cards:

Viking Women (Lobby Card_1) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_2) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_3) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_4) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_5) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_6) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_7) 1957

Viking Women (Lobby Card_8) 1957

Production Stills:

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_1

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_2

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_3

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_4

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_5

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_8

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_9

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_10

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_11

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_12

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_13

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_16

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_17

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_18

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_23

Viking Women (Production Still) 1957_P-25

Other Points of Interest:

Newspaper ads for Viking Women and the Sea Serpent at the Morgue.

The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (1957) Malibu Productions :: American International Pictures / EP: James H. Nicholson, Samuel Z. Arkoff / P: Roger Corman / D: Roger Corman / W: Lawrence L. Goldman, Irving Block (story) / C: Monroe P. Askins / E: Ronald Sinclair / M: Albert Glasser / S: Abby Dalton, Susan Cabot, Bradford Jackson, June Kenney, Jonathan Haze, Richard Devon, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Sally Todd

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