Operation 00-Odballs :: The Ambushers (1967)

One Sheet:

1_The Ambushers (One Sheet) 1967

Over-Sized One Sheet:

2_The Ambushers (Over-Sized One Sheet) 1967

Three Sheet:

3_The Ambushers (Three Sheet) 1967

Six Sheet:

4_The Ambushers (Six Sheet) 1967


5_The Ambushers (Insert) 1967

Half Sheet:

6_The Ambushers (Half-Sheet) 1967

Door Panels:

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_1) 1967

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_2) 1967

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_3) 1967

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_4) 1967

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_5) 1967

7_The Ambushers (Door Panel_6) 1967

Window Card:

8_The Ambushers (Window Card) 1967

Lobby Cards:

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 1) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 2) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 3) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 4) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 5) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 6) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 7) 1967

The Ambushers (Lobby Card 8) 1967

Color Production Stills:

The Ambushers (Production Still_1 Color) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Still_2 Color) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Still_3 Color) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Still_4 Color) 1967

Production Photos:

The Ambushers (Production Photo_1) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_2) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_3) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_4) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_5) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_6) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_7) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_8) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_9) 1967

The Ambushers (Production Photo_10) 1967

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Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of The Ambushers at 3B Theater.

Newspaper ads for The Ambushers at the Archive.

The Ambushers (1967) Meadway-Claude Productions Company :: Columbia Pictures Corporation / P: Irving Allen / AP: Douglas Netter / D: Henry Levin / W: Herbert Baker, Donald Hamilton (novel) / C: Edward Colman, Burnett Guffey / E: Harold F. Kress / M: Hugo Montenegro / S: Dean Martin, Senta Berger, Janice Rule, James Gregory, Albert Salmi, Beverly Adams

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