She-Devil (1957)

One Sheet:

1_She Devil (One Sheet) 1957


2_She Devil (30x40) 1957

Three Sheet:

3_She Devil (Three Sheet) 1957


4_She Devil (Insert) 1957

Half Sheet:

5_She Devil (Half Sheet) 1957

Lobby Cards:

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_1

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_2

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_3

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_4

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_5

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_6

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_7

She Devil (Lobby Card) 1957_8

Production Stills:

She Devil (Still) 1957_2

She Devil (Still) 1957_3

She Devil (Still) 1957_4

She Devil (Still) 1957_9

She Devil (Still) 1957_12

She Devil (Still) 1957_13

She Devil (Still) 1957_15

She Devil (Still) 1957_16

She Devil (Still) 1957_17

She Devil (Still) 1957_18

She Devil (Still) 1957_21x

She Devil (Still) 1957_24x

She Devil (Still) 1957_26

She Devil (Still) 1957_33

She Devil (Still) 1957_34

She Devil (Still) 1957_36

Other Points of Interest:

Newspaper ads for She Devil at the Morgue.

She-Devil (1957) Regal Films :: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: Kurt Neumann / D: Kurt Neumann / W: Kurt Neumann, Carroll Young / C: Karl Struss / E: Carl Pierson / M: Paul Sawtell, Bert Shefter/ S: Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker, John Archer, Fay Baker, Marie Blake

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